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Tailored Training.

CAD designs tailored training workshops for agencies and community groups to enhance awareness and explore attitudes around drug and alcohol misuse .


The aim of Tailored Training is to provide agencies and community groups with a workshop in drug awareness that is specifically designed for their staff and volunteers.


CAD’s Tailored Training programmes are designed to accommodate staff and volunteers with varying degrees of knowledge and diverse attitudes around drug and alcohol use.  A tailored drug education and prevention programme provides participants with an opportunity to extend their knowledge and explore their attitudes around drug use. This training can incorporate personal development / assertiveness and motivational skills.


In recent years, CAD has been asked to provide many drug prevention education courses directly tailored to participants needs. The growth of  this area of service provision arose as CAD was recognised as an experienced and well respected drug prevention education organisation across the voluntary, community ans statutory sector.  According to the Steering Group Report on a National Substance Misuse Strategy 2012 “Prevention measures should also be tailored to the needs of specific target groups across a range of settings”. CAD has already committed to tailoring its programmes in its organisational aims and objectives. Our tailored programmes have evolved over time.  We deliver multi session training and single sessions on site for staff, volunteers and vulnerable young people based on the drug situation at local level and the particular needs of the participant group.

Some examples of CAD’s Tailored Training

One of our tailored programmes is delivered on an annual basis to the team of volunteer workers supporting women affected by prostitution at Ruhuma.  This training focuses on drug awareness, motivating change and where to go for help.

Another successful tailored programme is St John of God STEP Programme.  The STEP group are 18 to 22 year olds with intellectual and/or mental health issues.  Some topics that are discussed include pressure to drink alcohol or smoke cannabis, being asked to buy alcohol for young people and low self image.

Topics covered on the 8 week course include rights, ways of behaviour, saying no, recognising and dealing with anger, listening skills, problem solving and acknowledging qualities in oneself.   Issues around cigarettes, alcohol and medicines in the home are explored along with basic information on illegal drugs including head shop products available on the internet.

CAD also provides a tailored programme for the National Learning Network.  Individuals who are distanced from education and employment participate in the 8 week programme to learn about the importance of making positive decisions with regard to alcohol and drugs.  There is a significant assertiveness element to the training. The continued success of this important programme is as a result of participant engagement and consistent positive feedback.

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