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Tailored Training.

Tailored Training is a training workshop tailor designed for services, agencies and community groups to enhance awareness and explore attitudes around drug and alcohol misuse .


The aim of Tailored Training is provide training for agencies, services and community groups with a training workshop in drug awareness that is tailor designed for staff and volunteers.


The Tailored Training allows for staff and volunteers with varying degrees of knowledge and attitudes around drug and alcohol use. A drug education and prevention programme provides participants with a forum to enhance their knowledge and explore their attitudes around drug use. This training in conjunction with training around personal development which is an integral part of our programme builds on self efficacy and assists our participants to deal with the pressure of availability.


In recent years, CAD has been asked to provide prevention education courses that are more directly tailored to participants needs. This latest service provision has arisen through the various links made by CAD in its policy development work, whereby CAD is recognised as an experienced prevention education organisation.

Tailoring of prevention education courses is a direct product of the Governments National Drugs Strategy and its requirement that local needs be met by programmes that take into account the drug situation at local level and the particular needs of the participant group. CAD has already committed to tailoring its programmes in its organisational aims and objectives, and its Family Focus programme in particular subscribes to the recommended principles for best practice in parenting education based on the outcome of the conference ‘Towards Best Practice in Parenting Education’.
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