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Family Focus Tutor Training.

The Family Focus Tutor Training programme is an evidence-based model that teaches community workers and volunteers to deliver CAD’s Family Focus programme in drug education and prevention strategies .


 The aim is to provide community workers and volunteers with an evidence-based model and effective strategies to respond to drug problems in relation to their young people’s and partner’s use of drugs. The goal is to teach new to post community workers to lead Family Focus programmes in their local communities. A pilot programme is currently underway in Cavan, Monaghan, Louth and Meath. An evaluation of the fidelity of this programmehas been initiated.


The Family Focus Tutor Training programme was developed as a model to enhance the provision of local and accessible drug prevention education through training of regional-based community workers. Delivered by CAD Tutors, the Tutor Training programme is  a six-session training programme consisting of up-to-date drug information, plan preparation, and strategy.

This model is aimed at providing community workers with evidenced-based drug prevention training so that they can deliver a high-quality drug education programme. Through partnership with local and regional drug task forces, CAD is committed to integrating its drug prevention education in line with existing provision of services and support for parents.


Through our work at the regional drug task force level, CAD has built upon its experience in drug prevention education delivery to develop the Family Focus Tutor Training programme. CAD tutors will train community workers in strategies and approaches in order to facilitate locally-accessible Family Focus sessions. In 2013, CAD was invited by North East Regional Drug Task Force (NERDTF) to train community workers and agency staff in its Family Focus drug prevention education programme. CAD identified that the Tutor Training programme enables community workers to provide regionally-based Family Focus sessions.

This model of tutor education is vital to equipping parents and carers with effective strategies and approaches to resolve drug-related harm in their communities and families, especially in regions where regular drug prevention education programmes are limited or inaccessible.
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