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Education Days.

Education Days are one-day events with up-to-date drug information and guest lectures from thought leaders in drug prevention and addiction.


Our staff and guest lecturers provide training events with up-to-date information on latest drug trends.Our training is for staff and volunteers working in frontline and addiction services, as well as community and voluntary projects. This training event is held three times annually.


CAD enlists the services of agencies and professionals with strong backgrounds and reputations in drug prevention and addiction, including Dr. Des Corrigan, Merchant’s Quay Ireland’s Family Association, and Coolmine Therapeutic Community’s Family Association. As new agencies and professionals have come into the drugs field CAD have worked to add their expertise to the Education Days, people such as Dr. Eamonn Keenan (Trinity Court), Mary Forrest (Teen Counselling), Gary Broderick (ATI), Brian Foley (Ballymun Youth Action Project), Paul Delaney (COAIM), Niamh Banks (Counsellor SWAHB), Joe Merry (Drug Treatment Centre Board), Nicola Perry (Community Response) and Brendan Murphy (Counsellor and Trainer, HSE) have contributed to these events in the past.

As it currently stands, the Education Days are a valuable and popular service provided by CAD. It is recognised by professional across the sector, especially those working in drug and community services as well as  strategy and policy development.


This event has evolved from the CAD Weekends for parents and voluntary community workers developed by Coolmine Therapeutic Community and continued by CAD as a federation of community groups. Over the years as drug issues became the focus of Government policy and increased expenditure and strategic planning measures were adopted to ensure drug services were available in communities where they were needed most, it became apparent that those taking part in these courses were new to post workers as opposed to voluntary community workers.

This change in participant group led to a shift in emphasis for the course from one that provided training in practical skills associated with forming and maintaining community groups, to one that placed more emphasis on drug information, motivating change, and local and personal experiences of drug use and its attendant issues. Since the focus of the training was now people working in the drugs field, CAD discovered fewer participants were willing to take part for a full weekend. This has led to the present day format of the course being offered for one day three times per annum.
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