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At Community Awareness of Drugs we are committed to providing training pertinent to the prevention of and the earliest possible intervention in substance misuse related problems.

All CAD services are aimed at reducing the demand for drugs.  We have provided regular education and training opportunities for parents and the voluntary/community sector since 1983.

Our Services

The Family Focus programme is a six-session education programme for parents, grandparents, guardians, carers and other adults. This interactive programme promotes the role of the parent in educating their young people about the risks associated with substance use, in an effort to reduce the demand for drugs.

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The Family Focus Tutor Training programme provides community workers, frontline service workers and volunteers with skills, approaches and strategies to deliver drug prevention education.

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Working in partnership with community groups CAD has developed affordable tailored education and training packages which are designed to meet the needs of all staff and volunteers.

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CAD organises regular training events with up-to-date information on latest drug trends. Our training is particularly targeted at those working in front line and addiction services & community and voluntary projects.

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Delivered to adults at the local community level, in schools and in the workplace, this presentation incorporates an overview of contemporary drugs issues and a questions and answer session. CAD will adapt the presentation to suit the needs of the particular audience, providing information on local resources.

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